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The Alcino Vala is a company endowed with true artists that preserve forever values ​​such as tradition, culture, rigor, professionalism and finally originality for works that are made.

Hand painted
Our works are true works of art with the use of skilled labor

We execute all type of work, whether with a tradicional design or a modern design

Custum works
Visit our main exporting countries of our artwork

Visit our main exporting countries of our artwork



Each tile is unique and genuine

The Alcino Vala is a company with true artists who have always preserve values such as the Tradition, Culture, Accuracy, Professionalism and OriginalityThe traditional Portuguese tiles is today one of the richest expressions of art in architecture, it is possible to achieve true works of art have always been appealing to the imagination and creativity of artists.

Our technicians reproduce photos on tile panels using an always on hand painting the tile, each tile is unique and genuine. In our online space you can see some examples of work we do, from Landscapes themes to figurative themes or themes that lead us to the Imaginary World of to themes a religious character.

With a vast experience in the sector perform any type of work depending on the size and customer requirements, as well as the application in real space.




Our services:

 Hand painted tiles
 Tiles restoration
 Antique reproduction tiles
 Tiles with decals decorations
 Manual painting of all types of ceramic



We decorate:

 Swimming Pools
 Commercial Surfaces
 Places of worship
 Several spaces



We reproduce:

 Ideas and projects developed by Arquitects and Designers
 All kinds of custom tile panels
 Works by measure